BPC Action Applauds Bicameral Introduction of the SEA FUEL Act in Energy and Environment

BPC Action applauds the bicameral introduction of the SEA FUEL (Securing Energy for our Armed Forces Using Engineering Leadership) Act of 2019. We commend Sens. Whitehouse (D-RI), Reed (D-RI), and Sullivan (R-AK) and Reps. Beyer (D-VA), Schweikert (R-AZ), and Brown (D-MD) for working to improve innovation in direct air capture and blue carbon removal technologies in order to advance carbon capture technologies and enhance military energy security.

The legislation signals the importance of carbon capture and utilization as a means to bolster the innovative capabilities of the United States military. Through the two distinct phases of the research and development and demonstration (RD&D) program authorized under the SEA FUEL Act, the Department of Defense would greatly contribute to the advancement and incorporation of carbon capture and use, particularly direct air capture and blue carbon removal technologies. The RD&D program could provide the U.S. military with a means of synthesizing fuels at any location, such as forward operating bases, thus potentially reducing costs and casualties associated with fuel transportation. The Department of Defense is especially well-positioned to spur innovation in carbon capture and use technologies because of its procurement process and proven track record in developing and deploying innovative and effective technologies. The SEA FUEL Act underlines the significant and diverse impact that carbon capture and use technologies could have on the U.S. innovation ecosystem – across the energy and defense spheres. 

BPC Action looks forward to working with Congress to enact this important bill.