BPC Action Applauds Bipartisan Introduction of Energizing Technology Transfer Act in Energy and Environment

BPC Action supports the bipartisan Energizing Technology Transfer Act introduced by House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) and Rep. Chuck Fleishmann (R-TN). This bill would authorize a series of activities to accelerate the commercialization of clean energy technologies leading to increased emissions reductions, economic growth, and international competitiveness.

Clean energy technologies face numerous barriers, such as high up-front capital costs and long development times, that often hinder successful commercial application. This bill would help fill existing gaps in the innovation cycle through federal investments in technology transfer and demonstration programs, allowing the private sector to capitalize on the Department of Energy’s extensive research and development. The bill also supports technology development at the National Laboratories by encouraging partnerships between National Laboratories and the public and private sectors, supporting entrepreneurship programs, and providing flexible employment opportunities for National Laboratory employees.

BPC Action looks forward to working with Congress to pass this important bill to strengthen the clean energy technology transfer and commercialization pathways in the U.S.