BPC Action Applauds Rural Forests Markets Act in Energy and Environment

BPC Action applauds Sens. Stabenow (D-MI) and Braun (R-IN) for introducing the Rural Forests Markets Act, S.4451. America’s forest owners have a vital role to play in addressing climate change. US forests already sequester the equivalent of about 15% of annual U.S. carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels.  Most of that sequestration occurs on privately-owned forests which accounts for most of the forest land in the U.S.

The Rural Forest Markets Act will encourage family forest owners to voluntarily participate in emerging carbon markets that reward family and small landowners for adopting conservation practices that store carbon and reduce greenhouse gases. By providing guaranteed loans to non-profits and companies working with these forest owners, this legislation will reduce the risks of participating in these markets and thereby help to unleash the economic potential of carbon markets to conserve forests and protect the climate.