BPC Action Encourages Good Faith Election Observation Policies in Wisconsin  in Elections

BPC Action urges Wisconsin legislative leaders to consider modifications to Senate Bill 560 and Assembly Bill 543 to balance transparency, accountability, and administrative efficiency in election observation. 

These bills, recently introduced by Sen. Romaine Robert Quinn and Rep. Paul Tittl, would significantly alter Wisconsin’s election observation rules. While the proposed changes seek to uphold uniformity and impartiality in election observation, they would have extensive unintended consequences, jeopardizing the security of voting equipment, voter privacy, and election worker safety. 

Drawing from the Bipartisan Policy Center report Policy to Advance Good Faith Election Observation, BPC Action respectfully urges Wisconsin legislative leadership to consider prioritizing policy recommendations that minimize administrative challenges and maximize trust and accountability. 

  • Specify which election activities observers are allowed to see and how that observation should take place, including in the pre-and post-election period, during ballot processing, and during in-person voting. 
  • Give election officials discretion in determining whether an observer is violating standards for acceptable behavior. 
  • Provide resources to local election offices—including funding and adaptable training modules—to support the training of observers, election workers, and voters.   

Election observers are essential to transparency, accountability, and voter perceptions of election legitimacy. BPCA urges the Wisconsin legislature to consider these modifications that will promote transparency without sacrificing functionality or the privacy and safety of voters and election administrators. 

View the full letter to the Wisconsin leadership here