BPC Action Supports Advanced Geothermal Research and Development Act of 2019 in Energy and Environment

BPC Action commends House Science Committee Chairwoman Johnson (D-TX) and Ranking Member Lucas (R-OK) for the introduction of the Advanced Geothermal Research and Development Act of 2019, H.R. 5374. Geothermal energy needs greater research and development support because it can provide a consistent and significant source of clean energy (both thermal and electric).  Increased support for the development of various geothermal energy systems will also allow the U.S. to remain a global leader in geothermal energy production. We are glad to see Congressional support for geothermal energy.

The legislation aims to improve U.S. capabilities in the various approaches to geothermal energy; in particular, the bill focuses on research, development, demonstration, and commercialization programs for geothermal energy from hydrothermal systems, reservoir thermal energy storage, general geothermal energy, and enhanced geothermal systems. To that end, the bill calls for an oil and gas technology transfer initiative, since many of the technologies and processes from oil and gas production can translate to geothermal energy production. The legislation also requires the Secretary to support the establishment and construction of up to three field research sites, known as “Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy” sites. Additionally, the bill focuses on increasing the number of demonstrations of enhanced geothermal systems. The legislation also provides support for complementary issues, including computing and data science and geothermal energy workforce development.   

BPC Action looks forward to working with Congress to pass this important bill.