BPC Action Supports Bill Designating July 12th as a National Day of Civility in Government Reform

Washington, D.C. – BPC Action Executive Director Michele Stockwell issued the following statement in support of H.Res.400 which would designate July 12 as an annual National Day of Civility:

“BPC Action was created to support bipartisan legislation such as H.Res.400. We embrace and engage in common ground solutions that strengthen our country. We applaud the leadership of Reps. Charlie Crist (D-FL), Mike Johnson (R-LA), and dozens of cosponsors for taking steps to restore public trust by serving as role models for civility.

“Last month, along with the Bipartisan Policy Center, we teamed with the freshman class presidents from the House of Representatives to reaffirm their Commitment to Civility at the U.S. Capitol. Drafted by Johnson, the pledge called on members to maintain collegiality and model civility in their public and private actions.

“The signing of the pledge launched BPC’s Summer of Civility campaign as a first step in changing political discourse for the better and strengthening democracy. As part of the campaign, dozens of members utilized the hashtag #SummerOfCivility to share useful ways to foster civility in Washington and across the country.

“We encourage the House to swiftly pass H.Res.400, and continue efforts to bring civility and respect back to America’s politics.”