BPC Action Urges Extension of House Modernization Committee in Government Reform

The House Modernization Committee is tackling the most ambitious, wide-ranging, and successful effort to reform the House since the 1970s and there is still work to be done. Now is the time to extend the committee’s mandate so it can continue its critical work of finding bipartisan solutions to modernize and strengthen the Legislative Branch. 

Created with near-unanimous House support on the floor, the committee has carried forward this strong bipartisan approach throughout its existence. With its nearly 100 bipartisan recommendations, the committee has made significant strides in improving House technology, transparency, staff diversity and retention, and constituent accessibility and engagement. Additionally, these bold proposals will create incentives for lawmakers to collaborate more effectively and unburden Congress from a series of well-intentioned rules that have weakened its deliberative capacity.  

At a time when our democracy is under incredible strain, it is encouraging to see leaders from both parties working together and offering real ideas to strengthen Congress. The Modernization Committee and its leadership have proven that Democrats and Republicans can work together to develop big solutions to major problems under trying circumstances. The committee was efficient, collaborative, and focused even through the impeachment of a president, and the ongoing public health and economic crisis. Its resilience sets an example for the rest of Congress.  

To build on this work and to continue driving reforms that will benefit both the institution and the American people, an extension is necessary. We urge a bipartisan agreement to extend the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress. 

Read BPC’s letter to leadership calling for an extension of the Modernization Committee. Hear more about the committee’s work on BPC Action’s podcast, Under the Dome.