BPC Action Urges North Carolina to Balance Transparency and Integrity in Election Observation Policy (HB772) in Elections

BPC Action applauds North Carolina State Representative Davis for his leadership on House Bill (HB) 772. This legislation marks a crucial step towards increased transparency in poll observation policy by defining observation rules according to which election-related activity is taking place, clarifying the number of observers each party is allowed, and articulating the process for observer selection.  

“Election observers are foundational to rebuilding trust in the electoral process, but unfettered access and visibility can be harmful to voter privacy and election security,” said Sarah Walker, BPCA state elections strategist. “North Carolina’s HB772 is a step in the right direction. BPC Action suggests reforms that would maintain the bill’s commitment to transparency without compromising on election integrity.”  

BPCA urges North Carolina’s legislative leadership to consider prioritizing policy recommendations that minimize administrative challenges and maximize trust and accountability.  

Read BPCA’s letter to leadership urging North Carolina’s legislative leadership.