BPC Action Urges Passage of PREVENT Pandemics Act in Health

BPC Action commends HELP Committee Chair Murray and Ranking Member Burr for their bipartisan commitment to strengthening our federal and state pandemic responses via the PREVENT Pandemics Act. We urge all HELP Committee members to vote in favor of passing this legislation out of committee during today’s markup.

In particular, BPC Action is pleased to see these recommendations from BPC’s June report included in the bill:   

BPC Recommendation:

Clarify and strengthen federal operational roles and responsibilities during a federal response to a pandemic

PREVENT Pandemics Act:

  • Establishes an Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy within the Executive Office of the President
  • Director serves as a principal advisor to the President and is a member of the DPC & NSC
  • Office provides strategic direction and facilitates coordination & communication between federal departments
  • Office to submit to Congress a report biennially on gaps and inefficiencies related to preparedness and response

BPC Recommendation: Improve and strengthen public health data infrastructure

PREVENT Pandemics Act:

  • Directs the CDC Director to disseminate public health data standards to improve the exchange of data
  • Directs the Secretary to enter into new data use agreements with public and private entities
  • Allows the Secretary to work with health departments to improve sharing of data with federal and health care entities
  • Directs Secretary to only collect and report minimally necessary data, excluding any personally identifiable data

It is encouraging to see Republicans and Democrats demonstrate their commitment to bolstering the public health infrastructure and future pandemic response of this country through this important legislation. We hope to see bipartisan momentum on this critical issue continue and urge all members to vote YES to move this bill forward.