BPC Comments to Senate Finance Committee on Chronic Care Policy Options in Health

BPC Action promotes balanced research and policy recommendations to advance health care quality and lower costs, addressing both government and private sector challenges. We work to advance policy that improves health, health care and long-term care delivery and financing, health information technology and medical innovation, and health and housing options for seniors. The following information is from BPC, our 501 (c) (3) affiliate. 

“The Bipartisan Policy Center appreciates the opportunity to comment on the Senate Finance Committee Bipartisan Chronic Care Working Group Policy Options Document issued last month. Addressing the quality and cost of caring for persons with chronic illness is a major challenge, and we agree with the need to move forward to adopt evidence-based solutions to improve care for this vulnerable population. BPC commends the members of the Working Group for their commitment to finding bipartisan policy solutions and the open, thoughtful, and collaborative process they have undertaken.

“In recent years, BPC’s health program has released a number of reports that included recommendations to better organize and integrate our health care system to lower costs and improve quality of care. Critical to these goals are efforts to provide higher quality and more efficient care to patients with multiple chronic conditions.”

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