BPC Comments to Senators Alexander and Murray on Health IT Legislation in Health

BPC Action promotes balanced research and policy recommendations to advance health care quality and lower costs, addressing both government and private sector challenges. We work to advance policy that improves health, health care and long-term care delivery and financing, health information technology and medical innovation, and health and housing options for seniors. The following information is from BPC, our 501 (c) (3) affiliate. 

“In recent years, BPC’s Health Innovation Initiative has released a number of reports that have included recommendations to advance the use of health IT to improve health and health care. BPC’s recommendations align considerably with several provisions in the discussion draft. Specific comments on the staff discussion draft are provided below.

“Electronic information sharing—supported by interoperable health IT systems—plays a critical role in improving the health and wellness of individuals; supporting higher quality, more cost-effective, patient-centered care; and advancing biomedical innovation. While a majority of clinicians and hospitals are now adopting electronic health records, the level of interoperability and meaningful electronic information sharing among different organizations is still fairly low. Congressional action is needed to accelerate the level of electronic information sharing and the interoperability of health IT systems.”

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