Carbon Capture: Critical to America’s Energy Future in Energy and Environment

As Sasha Mackler, Director of BPC’s Energy Project, testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee at its hearing on carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS), these technologies are critical to America’s future.

Specifically, carbon capture technologies strengthen our nation’s ability to address climate challenges, boost the economy, and preserve American leadership in energy innovation. BPC and BPC Action strongly support the bipartisan USE IT Act, which is needed to build on recently enacted investments in carbon capture to continue important innovation in this space, reduce emissions, and maintain America’s energy leadership. Carbon utilization and direct air capture are at the forefront of American innovation and critical to not only addressing carbon pollution but also expanding opportunities for American businesses in emerging technology sectors. 

Investment in multiple types of carbon capture technology will be critical to achieve climate goals, reduce the costs of climate mitigation, and enable U.S. companies to maintain and improve their economic competitiveness.