Childcare provisions in House NDAA would help military families in National Security and Defense

Washington, D.C. – BPC Action applauds final passage of the National Defense Authorization Act in the House of Representatives, which includes several provisions designed to improve access to child care for military families. An amendment introduced by Representative Grace Meng, which was accepted via voice vote, advances recommendations posed by BPC’s Task Force on Defense Personnel led by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, former Senator Jim Talent, Gen. Jim Jones, former national security advisor, and Kathy Roth-Douquet, CEO of Blue Star Families.

The amendment, now contained in the text of the NDAA, calls for expanded hours at military child development centers and for the appointment of child care coordinators on military installations, in order to help service members with their child care needs.

BPC’s task force reported that, “Inadequate child-care services make family life more difficult for service members, increasing the likelihood that some will leave service prematurely for family reasons… By expanding access, the Defense Department can relieve stress on military families and decrease the likelihood that service members will leave the military for family-related issues.” Read the full report here.

BPC Action thanks the House of Representatives for passing the National Defense Authorization Act and supporting this important provision. For more information, please contact Laura Hall at 202-218-6770 or