ICYMI: Infrastructure Reads from BPC Action in Infrastructure

Infrastructure continues to be a focus of Members of congress and the Administration.  Earlier this week, the Administration announced a plan to privatize the Air Traffic Control system (see: White House announcement).  For background on the ATC reform efforts, see video from BPC’s event.

News analyses: 


Water Infrastructure
The U.S. Water Alliance released a new assessment of how water management impacts vulnerable communities.

New Collateral 
Further, BPC’s infrastructure team has developed several new blogs/explainers that you may find helpful.  Much of the discussion on infrastructure includes discussion of tax reform.  BPC’s analysis discusses how each of these two major policy goals could benefit from the other.  Additionally, whether Congress provides additional public funding for infrastructure or incentivizes private investment, should owners of infrastructure develop better, long-term cost analyses to ensure budgets that more accurately reflect the true cost of our nation’s infrastructure assets?  BPC explains why such analyses could be helpful in mitigating future funding gaps.

Finally, numerous groups had events for Infrastructure Week. Here are some links to a few of the events: