BPC Action pushes for the enactment of energy policy that allows the U.S. to harness its energy abundance to ensure affordable, secure, clean and reliable energy sources. We encourage development of policies that take advantage of a wide variety of energy sources, including clean energy innovation, oil and gas, nuclear energy, and electricity. The following information is from the Bipartisan Policy Center, our 501 (c)(3) affiliate. 

“Although nuclear power—a significant source of carbon-free electricity—was developed and first commercialized in the United States, we are arguably losing the strategic and economic advantages of U.S. leadership in the field. And yet, today there are technologists and entrepreneurs in the United States who are anxious to develop, test, and commercialize advanced nuclear reactors encompassing a broad range of new and innovative designs, fuel cycles, and materials. Such reactors hold the possibility of inherent safety at far lower cost than the current generation of reactors.

“It is clear your legislation would provide a foundational understanding of what we must do to advance nuclear innovation and restore U.S. leadership in this critical field. We look forward to continued conversations on this topic.”