Modernization Committee Extension an Important Step for Strengthening the Legislative Branch in Government Reform

BPC Action applauds the House for extending the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress. 

Since its creation in January, the committee has made significant strides in modernizing Congress and helping reestablish the institution as a coequal branch of government. The 29 common-sense proposals it has made thus far are important first steps but there is more to be done.  Congress must continue this critical work to make the House a more efficient and effective body and the Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress is essential to leading this charge. 

In the midst of impeachment and deep political division, the Modernization Committee should give us “optimism for the ability of the Legislative Branch to overcome its dysfunction and address the challenges facing our nation,” as BPC President Jason Grumet highlights in a recent op-ed

We applaud the House for extending this committee, and BPC Action looks forward to continue supporting its critical work in 2020.