Sens. Cassidy, King, Smith and Rep. Arrington Join BPC’s Honorary Congressional Task Force on Rural Health in Health

The Bipartisan Policy Center has announced that Sens. Cassidy (R-LA), King (I-ME), and Smith (D-MN) and Rep. Arrington (R-TX) will be joining its Honorary Congressional Task Force on Rural Health as part of its Rural Health project. 

BPC will work with members of the Honorary Congressional Task Force on Rural Health to better understand the complex challenges rural communities face in accessing quality health care and bring greater awareness of these needs to this debate.

BPC’s rural health project builds on its 2018 report, Reinventing Rural Health Care: A Case Study of Seven Upper Midwest States, that identified ongoing health care challenges, real-world implications of existing federal policies, and opportunities for improving rural health care access and delivery. Over the course of the next year, BPC will hold events and meetings in D.C. and in rural communities across the nation to develop bipartisan policy solutions to improve rural health care. 

We look forward to working with these members to hear their views on rural health care and building a strong bipartisan effort to address the health care challenges faced by millions of Americans in rural communities.