Economic and fiscal policy has an impact on so many aspects of our daily lives. BPC Action advocates for policies that promote economic security and opportunity for Americans; call for responsible federal fiscal policy to spur economic growth and stabilize the nation’s debt trajectory; and encourage the private-sector to innovate and mobilize resources in support of a changing economy. The following information is from the Bipartisan Policy Center, our 501 (c)(3) affiliate. 

Two late additions to Congress’s response to the financial crisis have proved to be among the most complex and challenging for U.S. financial regulators to put into place. The degree of difficulty these two rules present, their unknown impact on financial markets and the economy, and the lack of international coordination surrounding them have led to continued regulatory delay with promulgating these two rules.

Accordingly, the Capital Markets Task Force of the Bipartisan Policy Center’s (BPC) Financial Regulatory Reform Initiative recommends an improved alternative solution to the proposed Volcker Rule on proprietary trading and the Lincoln Amendment on “pushing-out” dealing on swaps. The task force recommends a different approach to facilitate the implementation of the Volcker Rule and also recommends delaying implementation of the Lincoln Amendment on swaps push-out until more real-world experience is gained with the Volcker Rule, however it is adopted.

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