A Bipartisan Path Forward On Immigration: What Do Voters Want? in Immigration

Following Congress’ failures this year to pass immigration reform bills, it is clear that a new blueprint for reform is needed. Over the past several months, BPC Action and BPC joined together on a new initiative.  We wanted to know:  What do Americans think about our immigration system and what do they want to see done to fix it?  We wanted to look beyond the top-line messages and get to the heart of what Americans think about different policies, and see where is there opportunity to rebuild a political consensus.

Over the past year, we have conducted voter focus groups and a national survey by Luntz Global, as well as a series of roundtables around the country with state and local elected officials. Read the full report here.

We found that a majority of Americans believe that immigration helps the United States but they believe the current system is “broken” and “out of control.” They support an immigration system that is “strongly enforced,” “fair,” and “consistent.”

How do we get there? On July 17, BPC Action hosted a discussion with BPC’s Director of Immigration and Cross-Border Policy Theresa Cardinal Brown and BPC Action Senior Manager Laura Hall and a panel of immigration and political experts on the results of this work and the potential to impact the immigration debate. Watch the full discussion here.

Click here to see the full survey results.