BPC Action Statement on Private Activity Bonds in Tax Reform Proposal in Tax

Washington, D.C. – BPC Action joined with other leaders in the infrastructure community in sending letters to the House and the Senate to express concern about a provision in the House tax reform proposal that would eliminate private activity bonds. As noted by Michele Stockwell, Executive Director, “The dual goals of tax reform and increased infrastructure investment do not have to be at odds with another. As Congress moves forward with each, it should be cognizant of the overall desire to stimulate economic growth through both initiatives.”

BPC Action also released an analysis of the potential negative impact the cap on earned interest deduction could have on the private sector’s ability to invest in public infrastructure projects.  To address the $1 trillion funding gap, all possible tools must be available, including public private partnerships.  We are concerned that capping the deduction on earned interest eliminates a key incentive for the private sector to do its part in addressing our growing infrastructure needs.”