ICYMI: BPC’s Economic and Fiscal Policy Podcast in Economics and Finance

Check out BPC’s new Common Cents podcast, focusing on timely fiscal and economic policy issues like tax reform and the budget reconciliation process.

Episode 4: Tax Reform
Bill Hoagland, senior vice president at the Bipartisan Policy Center, and Steve Bell, a senior advisor at BPC, take a look at issues related to tax reform.

Episode 3: Evidence-Based Budgeting
Sandy Davis, senior advisor to BPC’s Economic Policy Project, discusses how evidence-based budgeting can help in policy decision-making and why it has become a hot topic on Capitol Hill.

Episode 2: The Debt Limit
Shai Akabas, BPC’s director of fiscal policy, and Sandy Davis offer clear reasons for why policymakers and the public need to pay attention to the debt limit and budget deficits.

Episode 1: Insights on Budget Reconciliation
Bill Hoagland explains what the term reconciliation means and how the process is used to expedite certain legislation that changes taxes, spending, or the federal debt limit.