BPC Recognizes Bipartisan Leaders at 2019 Legislative Action Awards in Uncategorized

At the Bipartisan Policy Center and BPC Action, we recognize the tenacity and grace it takes in Congress to tackle the challenges facing our nation and make a difference in the lives of Americans. That is why we created the Legislative Action Award to honor creative and courageous members who are breathing life into the legislative process by being productive partisans.

This year, we are pleased to recognize six leaders with the skill needed to tackle substantive issues in the face of political challenges and a proven ability to forge successful working relationships across the aisle:

Senator Capito (R-WV): BPC is proud to recognize Sen. Shelley Moore Capito for her independence, energy, and courage in advancing bipartisan solutions to pressing challenges. Whether it is tackling our nation’s opioid crisis, fighting for rural broadband expansion, modernizing our nation’s energy policy, or improving prospects for student loan borrowers, she has never hesitated to reach across the political aisle to produce real results.

Senator Baldwin (D-WI): Sen. Tammy Baldwin exemplifies the ideal that lawmakers can collaborate for the greater good while holding to strong political convictions and principles. She has secured real solutions on key issues from attacking our opioid crisis to bolstering family caregivers and improving access to maternity health care.

Rep. Jeffries (D-NY): Rep. Hakeem Jeffries demonstrates the positive power of Congress through his collaboration teaming with Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) to modernize our nation’s criminal justice system. Rep. Jeffries’ vision in working through differences to arrive at a principled and pragmatic solution is a model of legislative accomplishment.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA): Rep. Collins’s commitment and courage working with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries to overhaul our criminal justice laws are inspiring, and he was key in building the broad-based coalition that enacted this consequential reform. With his leadership, Congress passed landmark legislation that would never have been possible on a purely partisan basis.

Rep. Kilmer (D-WA): Rep. Kilmer’s leadership demonstrates that lawmakers can be both principled and pragmatic in forging meaningful solutions. From bipartisan efforts to spur job growth to fighting ocean acidification to championing long-overdue congressional reforms, Rep. Kilmer exemplifies the spirit of the Legislative Action Award.

Rep. Katko (R-NY): Whether battling opioid addiction, combating human trafficking, modernizing the Brownfields Program or introducing legislation to repair our nation’s aging infrastructure, Rep. Katko has demonstrated unique ability to bring people together and create real solutions and embodies independence and effectiveness.